Admin Guide: Daily User Management

Before referencing this guide, make sure all your organization’s users have been onboarded into Clear2. Reference the Getting Started: New Administrator Guide for more information on this process.


Remediation Options: If a user fails their pre-screening, steps can be taken to resolve the issue.

  1. Once a user has failed their pre-screening, an email notification will be sent to the Supervisor Email associated with that user’s specific Organization.
    1. The user will also receive a prompt in the Clear 2 app to contact their supervisor to discuss what procedures to follow.
  2. It is up to the employee and supervisor to discuss what procedure will be followed. Once a decision is made, document the situation and plan in the Clear2 Admin Portal for recordkeeping purposes. For available remediation options, see Figure 1.

  1. Reset Daily Status – If a user accidentally fails the screening by unintentionally entering incorrect information, the Clear2 Administrator can reset that person’s daily status. After a few moments, the user’s Clear2 app will clear the incorrect data for that day and allow them to repeat the screening process.
  2. Manually Clear – Clears a user’s ‘Failed’ status in the Clear2 app and Admin Portal, approving them to proceed to work.
  3. Work From Home – Acknowledges that a user will be working from home for that day.
  4. Sick Day – Acknowledges that a user will be taking the day off as a sick day or will be seeking medical attention.
  5. Quarantined – When this option is selected, the Administrator will be prompted to assign an ‘End of Quarantine’ date for the user. The user will not have the ability to complete any screenings until their End of Quarantine date has passed.

Note: Each remediation option has a unique icon that will be displayed under the ‘Failed Daily Check’ dropdown as a quick reference.

Finding Previous Data: Use the Select Date function under the Individual Daily Report to find or collect information from previous dates. See Figure 2 for reference.

Report Functionality: Organization Admins can export any data that is gathered under the Individual Daily Report. Refer to Figure 3. These reports can be exported as a CSV or Excel file.

  • Reports can also be pulled for previous dates in the Individual Daily Report by simply selecting the date, then clicking the blue download icon.

Removing/Moving Users: Users can be removed from an Organization by finding their name under the Individual List, directly below the Individual Daily Report. Click the three-dot icon on the right side, then click Remove User when it appears. See Figure 4 below.

  • Once a user is removed from an organization, they will then have the ability to input a new ‘Organization Invite Code’ on their mobile device.
    • Once inputted, it is up to an administrator to ‘Accept’ that user into their new Organization.