Clear2 Administrative Portal Guide

Getting Started: New Administrator

  • Any registered Clear2 app user can be designated by a Clear2 Representative as an Administrator for their organization.
  • Once designated as a Clear2 Administrator, you will have access to the Clear2 Administrative Portal.
  • User data will be collected under each Organization.

  • To view user data, click on a specific Organization.
  • At the bottom of the page under Organization Join Request, an admin can ‘accept’ new users for their organization by clicking the green checkmark on each user. Refresh the page to update statuses in real-time.

  • Accepted users will then appear in the Individual Daily Report and the Individual List.
  • The final step in setting up your Clear2 Admin Portal will be to assign a Supervisor Email to receive email alerts and notifications. An email will be sent to this address if a user has failed their pre-screening or if an admin has manually cleared a user.
  • Click Edit Organization, enter the email address under the Supervisor Email, then click Save.
    • Note: Only one Supervisor Email can be assigned per Organization.

  • Repeat this process for each Organization you are assigned to as a Clear2 Administrator.

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