Clear 2 Org Codes

Organization Invite Codes are used to register your user account with an In-network Clear2 Company Location.  Organizational Invite Codes are not required, but if you are using Clear2 as a requirement of your employer, you most likely need to enter an Organization Invite Code.

Organizational Invite Codes can be entered upon sign up or on the user settings area which is accessed from the main menu.

Once a valid code is entered, you will need to be approved by the Organization Administrator.

With Organization Codes, employers can manage one or multiple sub-groups of employees in and track pre-screen, validation, and check-in status in real-time.

Daily Audit Records are automatically created each day and are easily retrievable and available for export.

No Clear2 Organization Code?  Our app is free for personal use but if a company does not have organization codes or the Clear2 Admin Panel they aren’t getting all the workplace safety benefits of Clear2.

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