Clear2 QRs

Clear2 QRs are unique data collection codes that allow organizations to validate on-site temperature scanning and check-in users to locations in the Clear2 Network.

There are two types of QRs:

Validation QRs are posted near on-site thermal devices or presented on the thermal device screen.

  • You MUST scan a validation QR with your VALIDATION Scan feature on the Clear2 App.
  • Only 1 Validation scan is required per day.
  • After you have validated, you can use Check-In QR codes for the remainder of the day.

Check-In QRs are “checkpoints” at entrances, floors, and throughout workplaces that capture time and attendance data when scanned.

  • You MUST scan a Check-In QR with your CHECK-IN Scan feature in the Clear2 App.
  • Some locations REQUIRE validation before check-in. The app will alert you if validation is required prior to check-in.

No Clear2 QRs?  Our app is free for personal use but if a company doesn’t have an active QR code and the Clear2 Admin Portal, they aren’t utilizing all the workplace safety benefits of Clear2.

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