Does the Clear2 Kiosk require power?

Yes, a standard 110 outlet is required.

Does the Clear2 Kiosk require a connection to WiFi?


Is the Clear2 Kiosk portable?


Is the Clear2 Kiosk manned or unmanned?

The Clear2 Kiosk is designed to function without a human operator, but you may choose to station someone near the Kiosk to assist users.

Can my workplace customize the questions in the app by location?

Yes, this feature will be added in the next update. The health questionnaire is based on global guidelines, but you will be able to add custom questions as needed.

What health questions are included?

The Clear2 health questionnaire asks a user whether they are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 such as fever, cough, and difficulty breathing. It also asks a series of questions about potential exposure, designed for contact tracing.

How is Clear2 updated?

HB NEXT keeps Clear2 content up to date based on the latest guidelines from the CDC. When information or questions are updated, users receive a notification within the app.

Can I access or download data and reports from Clear2?

Yes, company administrators will have access to check-in records for tracing purposes.  However, each user’s answers to the health questionnaire are kept private and are only available to the user themselves.

What personal information is collected by the Clear2 app?

The app does not collect or retain any personal health information about users.

Will my information be shared with anyone?

Your name and email address will not be shared with anyone. Only your Cleared / Not Cleared status will be visible to your company in the Employer Dashboard.

If I’m Not Cleared because I have symptoms of COVID-19 but my test results are negative, will the app reset my status?

If you receive a negative COVID-19 test result, simply alert your company’s Clear2 Administrator and they will be able to reset your status.

Does a Clear2 Telehealth appointment require health insurance?

No; appointments are scheduled via ESE Telehealth and are charged using one of two options:

(1) If you do not wish to use insurance, there is a flat rate of $65/session for new patients and $45 thereafter.

(2) If the patient does want to use their insurance, the patient pays their copay out-of-pocket and the rest is billed to insurance.

Do I have to go through the Health Screening every day?

No; you only need to complete the Daily Health Screening on days when you are going to work or to a Clear2 location.

I forgot my password, what do I do?

Simply click ‘I forgot my password’ in the app and you’ll receive a reset link at the email address you registered.

Can I go to multiple locations that utilize Clear2 on the same day?

Yes; you will need to scan the Check In QR code at each location when you arrive but you will only need to complete the Health Screening and Validation once.

What happens if my Clear2 Kiosk needs to be serviced or repaired?

Clear2 Kiosks are manufactured, serviced, and repaired in the USA by Meridian. Each unit is covered by a one-year warranty; details will be provided at the time of purchase.

Who owns the Clear2 Kiosk after my company makes a purchase?

The Clear2 Kiosk belongs to your company once they are purchased.

Do you have a privacy policy?

Yes! You can find it here.

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